Value in Modern Relationships

Half a century ago, women discovered they wanted more than marriage and children. They left the family home and began pursuing their own careers, and some of their husbands became the main caretaker for their children. This was declared a revolution for the freedom of women, but it took decades before the realization hit that men had also gained freedom in choosing their lifestyles. No longer tied to being the main breadwinner, men had new choices to make.

Couples have now come to accept that either or both of them can have a career, or one of them can stay home to raise the children. In the past, a man who stayed home while his wife worked was considered less than a man. Many people viewed this type of relationship as one where the man was living off his wife, and they refused to believe he was making a contribution.

Modern lifestyles where the wife goes to the office and the man stays home have now been accepted by most people, but there are still a few holdouts. Younger people see it as a normal lifestyle, but those of more experience still view it as just plain wrong. They have learned to live with it, and some of them have changed their minds as children and grandchildren opt for this lifestyle.

Couples have many choices in the modern world, and they have learned to do what is best for them. Many couples have decided they need their own work outside the home, and some have gone the traditional route of working different shifts to provide their own child care. Some of them have decided their children should be in the hands of professionals, and they enjoy their evenings together as a family. For those who live in the modern world, family is still important. They may leave the home, but they are happy to return after their work day is done.