The Balance of Personalities

Many people believe that opposites attract, but it does not always work well for relationships unless both partners are able to find the balance between them. Just as the tightrope walker must find the perfect way to navigate the thin path beneath his feet, each person in a relationship must be able to walk the line that helps their partner without becoming overbearing. It is difficult in the modern world to find this balance, but it can be done if each person is willing to admit they have their own share of strengths and weaknesses.

Each person has their own set of values based on how they perceive the world and work within it, and sharing life with a partner can help them in areas where they do not excel. If one person finds their strength in planning the details of their life, a partner who seldom plans anything can help them become more spontaneous. For those who tend to forget important future events, an organized partner can help them see the value in learning how to be ready for it before it occurs. Each person balances out the shortcomings of their partner.

Being late is a habit that comes to the attention of family and friends in a bad way these days, and many people who have this tendency find a partner who believes in being on time or early is an asset. It might cause some dissention between them at first, but the person who is always late may eventually see people respond favorably to them when they show up on time for events.

Part of being in a successful relationship is finding the balance between the personalities of each person, so compensating for a partner’s habits is important. It should bring the couple closer as they learn to depend upon each other, and it can give each of them positive results with other loved ones.