The Beautiful Spouse

There have been many women throughout history who traded on their looks to make a living. Some of them worked in careers where their looks were a commodity to trade for cash. Models fall into this category as their work is based on how they look and carry themselves. There is nothing wrong with doing this, and it has been a staple of the fashion industry for many years. The problem comes in when a women gets into a relationship where only her looks matter.

Time is a harsh taskmaster, and looks will fade over the years. Even true beauty cannot often stand throughout the decades and remain the same. Artificially extending beauty is now possible, but even that will wear out. A woman who has chosen to develop only her looks will often find her spouse or significant other may wander as her beauty deserts her. This is not a situation where she will be able to recover easily, and life may become exceedingly difficult.

Facial and body beauty fade, but interior beauty of spirit does not. This is the type of beauty that should be cultivated, and it should be part of a life where a woman finds her own success. Depending upon a spouse to love for a lifetime is becoming rare, and a person who chooses to ignore this sad facet of life may find they have no home or means of support. Investing in other areas of life has become more important than ever, and a wise woman takes advantage of this knowledge.

In the past, marriages lasted a lifetime, and a beautiful woman needed only to find a good man to be set for life. Good men have come to learn that beauty is only skin deep for some women, and they choose to find a spouse who has beauty that does not grace a magazine cover. They may choose the exterior beauty when they are young, but they will find a woman who is beautiful inside much more attractive as they age.