The Money Equation

When a person is successful and has money, they must be wary when finding a long term relationship. There are people who could care less how much money a person has, but that is not always the way the world works. There are always those who seek people with money to take care of them, and this is their career. They would rather spend time complimenting someone with money than earning their own living, and this type of relationship often fails after a few years.

Not all people in a relationship where one has money need to feel their relationship will fail. There are legal ways to even out the disparity such as prenuptial agreements. These agreements state that the spouse without money is only entitled to a certain amount should the relationship fail, and they have been in use for many years. The courts recognize these legal agreements, and they are seldom overturned when a divorce or split is brought before the court.

There are people in the world who never worry about money, but they are exceedingly rare. These people often choose careers where pay is low, but the ethical or emotional rewards are high. They are just as committed to making a difference in the world as their rich spouse, but they never think about the value of their work in terms of money. A couple like this may have a relationship that lasts a lifetime because money will never be an issue between them.

There are many different ways money can affect a relationship, but having too much is a rare occurrence. Taking the differences out of the relationship is important, and it can keep a partnership healthy over the long run. It is also important to understand the values of each partner, and know whether or not money will become an issue in the future. Balancing a relationship, whether or not money is involved, will remove the burdens that keep people from growing together.