Tired of Drama

People fall in love with others for various reasons, and a person who lives for drama might just be lucky enough to end up in a stable relationship. It may be that the person they have fallen for at first sees them as someone attractive, but their penchant for making every situation somehow more dramatic can strangle the relationship over time. When a person becomes tired of drama at every family event or celebration, they may begin reigning in the other person to try for a more reasonable existence.

People who feel they need more attention than they are getting are generally the ones who create drama out of any possible situation. Their partner might have found it amusing at first, but they can tire of it as the years go by. The person who is always late so they can make an entrance might seem wonderful at first, but hearing people complain about a partner who has a lack of respect for family gatherings can become difficult.

There may be times when the couple is holding their own events at home, and the person who loves to be the centre of attention will find a way to create chaos. They may invite everyone over for a holiday meal just past noon, but it might not be served until hours later. The dramatic person will refuse all assistance in getting the meal ready and on the table, and they will then proceed to regale the guests with a litany of complaints about a lack of help. It can be an embarrassing situation for all involved, and stopping it could cause friction.

Life holds plenty of unwanted drama for those just trying to get through it with the fewest issues they can, so living with someone constantly creating it may ruin a good relationship. A partner of this type of person might give them fair warning to stop their behaviour, but they could suddenly and dramatically walk out the door if it does not cease.